Visuals Assist Prayer …

Pictures can provide wonderful memories. During prayer time, viewing pictures of those for whom we’re praying can enhance our time with God.

If you haven’t done this before, maybe this is the day to try it out? If you’ve used this in the past, any way you want to “refresh the experience?”

  • At first, find a few pictures of loved ones. Place those photos in an area(s) where you’ll see them regularly while praying.
  • As time goes on, this practice can stay relevant by adding more hard copy photographs around the house and/or by adding photos using technology. Locating hard copy photos all around may even help prompt prayer?
  • For those liking technology, you might also create a Word/PowerPoint document and copy/paste photo images of people who are on your prayer list.
    • These electronic pictures can be on your computer and also “in the cloud” for viewing on smart phones, tablets or other computers even when away from home. [As a small example, HERE is an example prayer photo collage]
    • ** NOTE: please don’t let this technological option become a burden – it’s just an additional way to make prayer visual and impactful. If it’s not adding joy, it’s not worth considering!

ACTION:  With Father’s Day upcoming next weekend, maybe you “dig out” some family pictures of male role models (and female role models) to use for this purpose?

PRAYER: Creator God, thank you for visual reminders of important people in our lives. Help us think of these guides as we strive to be more like Christ in all we do and say… Amen.

Have fun with pictures and prayer. Enjoy the day, filled with the Spirit!



Lectionary Texts for Sunday, June 14, 2020:

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