Christian Playbook – Love

“Let us stir up one another to love and good works!” (HeMobius stripbrews 10: 24)

  • Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood was a visual and auditory example of love for children of all ages. Neighborhood Archive is a treasure trove of indexed episodes of Fred Rogers talking about love in so many situations. Check one out! 🙂
  • Identify one good “work” for today
    • letter/card of support sent to a family member or friend
    • donation made
    • efforts at homeless shelter
    • Habitat for Humanity volunteering
    • local food kitchen efforts
    • Fill in the blank:  _____________________________
  • Which of the types of Greek Love described in this article (Ancient Greeks’ 6 Words for Love) might you be able to share today?
  • Check out “Show Your Work” on
  • Fasting is effective – consider a fast from food, electronics or ?? Here’s an Alive Now article by Lynne M. Baab with some ideas…
  • For those interested in financial giving to show love, Charity Navigator provides some good metrics on effective use of gifts
  • When people on the street ask for a handout, consider:
    • offering to take the person to a local restaurant and pay for a meal
    • having soft snack/breakfast bars with you to share
    • carrying gift certificates/cards to a local grocery store (they can usually designate “for food purchase only”)
  • There are so many opportunities to show love to friends and all we meet and these songs express that
    • “That’s What Friends Are For” done by Dionne Warwick and friends (Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Gladys Knight and many others) is a wonderful outpouring of friendship and song by the music industry.
    • “Ebony and Ivory” – what a great message: “living in perfect harmony” even with all our differences, whatever they may be!
  • This CP post talks about the article “What Might a Prophet Look Like?” and some possible activities
  • Saying this Life is Short benediction can be a nice reminder about showing love now
  • Sharing skills in love
  • Consider creating God’s Survival Kits to share with important people in your life

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NOTE: the mobius band is here as a symbol of one of my favorite phrases: “altruistic egoism.”  When you give, you get so much in return (you are one side of the band, others are on the other side and you share the love!)