Advent Bags – MWPC 2020


A variety of items were purchased for use in the Advent Bags. They were assembled by an effective team composed mostly of Deacons … 


“Thank you for putting the Advent bag on our door. We appreciated the goodies and the Church Directory. We are staying home except for Kroger pickup and a few essential trips. So far, so good.”

Voicemail from recipients: “thanking us for the delivery of the Advent Bag. They really appreciated it and are anxious for the church to open up again. They were so happy that the church included them in the event.”


I have completed my Advent Bag deliveries, and all recipients I was able to connect with were delighted and grateful. It was particularly satisfying for them (and me) to have face-to-face conversations, whether it was three minutes or 45 minutes.

My thanks to you both for all your planning, preparation, and execution of this project. I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated.

Loved this idea – thanks to all who were involved in the many details of the project! My folks all seemed delighted to receive their holiday bags – I did have the opportunity to visit a bit w/ all my recipients, which I thoroughly enjoyed. …

Hope this project is repeated again next year!