Prayer Photo Collage

Prayer times are frequently enhanced by viewing the pictures of those for whom we’re praying. One practice is to create a “prayer photo collage” for your daily prayer list. ID-10065384

At first, you may assemble hard copy pictures of loved ones and others needing prayer. Place those photos in areas where you’ll see them regularly.

As time goes on, this can stay relevant by adding more hard copy photographs over time or by adding photos using technology. Hard copy photos around your house are great – sighting them can prompt prayer. You might also create a word processing document and copy/paste photo images of people who are on your prayer list. This electronic file of pictures can be on your computer and also “on the cloud” for viewing the photos on smart phones, tablets or other computers even when away from the house.

ID-10077752Don’t let this technological option become a burden though if you move beyond the hard copy photos approach. All of it is an additional way to make prayer visual and impactful. If it’s not adding joy, it’s probably not worth adding.


Have a great day, filled with the Spirit and actions for God!


NOTE: Pictures from including “Elderly African Woman” by africa; “Aged Medical Professional” by stockimages