Trinity – written by Steve Long (click play button below to hear it)


Trinity_chords and lyrics by Steve Long

Perichoresis (from Greek: περιχώρησις perikhōrēsis, “rotation”)[1] describes the relationship between each person of the triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).


Members of Trinitarian churches have the joy of living the mystery and majesty of a three-in-one God. A verse in the song Trinity describes one of the challenging mysteries for me…

The Spirit has always been the hardest concept for me

How can a ghost be with us, helping us in all we do?

But when we open up our lives and let God enter in us

The Spirit works such special acts for each of us today

Gaining experience in our faith, this ghost-like mystery begins to feel real. For some, it’s a little like having Caspar the Friendly Ghost within us, keeping us humble and yet excited. This is the Spirit we embrace for all of life’s experiences!

May each of us continue to live into the mystery of the Spirit and what it leads us to do as active, prayerful, inquisitive, innovative, loving Christians…