Thankfulness (Experiment with Wholeness)…

It’s not necessarily easy to make it through daily efforts as part of “A Seven-Day Experiment with Wholeness.” Even the best ideas still can take longer to accomplish than desired.

Day 4 is on Thankfulness. My good buddy Lee made it a practice to take a gratitude walk, verbally listing his thankfulness the way Lynne suggests in her article on Day 4. Psalm 103, verse 2 says: “may I never forget the good things God does for me.”

While our written lists of thankfulness will not necessarily fill pages, may our verbal/conscious lists on this day be voluminous.

Enjoy the day, filled with the Spirit!




  • For People Critically Ill, or Facing Great Uncertainty – from New Zealand Prayer Book (bottom of first page shown HERE)
  • Celtic Daily Prayer
  • CP Prayer Page – containing LOADS of possibilities…

Lectionary Texts for Sunday, May 17, 2020:

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