Taking the “Prayer of Relinquishment plunge!”

{This one from previous years is well worth repeating …}

Do you remember the “NesTea Plunge” commercials like this one?

Richard J. Foster talks about this commercial as an example of how a fellow did a Prayer of Relinquishment one time…

“Strange as it may seem, he prayed a commercial. He described a popular advertisement of the day for NesTea in which different people, sweltering from the summer sun, would fall into a swimming pool with a thirst-quenching sense of ‘ahhh!’ on their faces. He then invited this man to fall into the arms of Jesus in the same way.” ~ Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home, page 48

Foster later describes the fact that this prayer will come through lived experience. He then goes through 5 prayers to help get there. Foster concludes the chapter by describing the beauty of getting to these Prayer of Relinquishment moments:

“From every human viewpoint at times it looks like we have fallen over the precipice to our death. But we know better. We know that we are only falling into the arms of Jesus fully satisfied, fully at rest.” ~ Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home, page 56

ACTION: Perhaps today is your day for a “Prayer of Relinquishment plunge,” falling into the arms of Jesus?

May we feel comfortable enough with our Christian lives that at certain times of life – and increasing with frequency as we journey through life – we are fully willing to take the plunge…

Enjoy the day, filled with the Spirit!




Lectionary Texts for Sunday, August 2, 2020

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