Shelter in Faith…

Our CP community continues to be blessed by those sharing materials (in this case, thanks to Chris for sharing Bishop Steven Charleston’s prayer!) A search of Bishop Steven Charleston yields a Facebook page with a bevy of material, including this Shelter in Faith visual done by Susan Scheidegger Janes that speaks volumes.

May we “shelter in faith” effectively this day and all days…  As you continue your day, consider saying aloud this beautiful, empowering prayer from Bishop Steven Charleston:

You are here for a reason that is defined not only by the work you do, but by the life you lead. You are a connecting point for the sacred, a living channel through which streams of grace flow out into the world, the people you meet, and the world you help to create simply by your presence. You are a messenger who lives the message and embodies the meaning of the holy in every choice you make. You are a healer, a source of nurture and wholeness, here for a reason that restores the bridge of hope.

Enjoy the day, filled with the Spirit!



Lectionary Texts for Sunday, May 24, 2020:

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