Selah … the pause

The word Selah finds its way into the Bible in a number of places, but primarily in the Psalms. Some sources think the word was an instruction to pause before continuing with the next section, somewhat like what a rest provides in musical scores – a break from the singing/playing.

An example of Selah is HERE as part of Psalm 50. In taking that pause, we as the readers get a chance to reflect on the previous section before moving on to new ideas.

Taking Selah experiences in our daily lives can be transformative. Pausing and reflecting after key life events can help us return revitalized for whatever comes next. The Fifty Days of Easter have now passed for another year, hopefully providing new “AHA” moments about your faith.

ACTION: Take a pause, and reflect on your Easter and Pentecost experiences. Are there upcoming actions you can do based on “Spiritual stirrings?”

May Selah times find their ways into your days, helping the Spirit to move in new and wonderful ways!

Lectionary Texts for this Sunday, June 11, 2017:

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