Zoomin’ in the midst of COVID-19 challenges…

We continue with the question: As we all grapple with the current social mandates, what new joys or purposes have we found ourselves focusing on?

Communicating seems to be an answer for many, at least based on some recent discussions. Old friends re-establishing contact after decades, grandchildren calling/texting their grandparents, etc.. A new-to-many product, Zoom**, has been a HUGE find, allowing people to see 1-100 friends/family/colleagues all at the same time!

In fact, Zoom has been useful for the MWPC worship team as we worship with the New England Club senior living community. Leaders connect using Zoom and then conference call in our senior members who do not necessarily have easy access to internet. While dealing with the usual “trials and tribulations” associated with new technology, this is allowing us to worship in spite of our isolation challenges. Maybe an opportunity for someone you know too? (user-friendly tips HERE for those less-technically oriented)

Enjoy the day, filled with the Spirit!

** this is certainly not the only product being used for such purposes – FB, Google and many others provide products with similar capabilities

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  • For People Critically Ill, or Facing Great Uncertainty – from New Zealand Prayer Book (bottom of first page shown HERE)
  • Lenten Prayer by Rev. Dr. LP Jones: opportunities to read or listen

Lectionary Texts for Sunday, April 5, 2020:

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