It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

By the title alone, many of you likely know who the focus of today’s posting will be…

Fred Rogers was awarded the Emmy Lifetime Achievement award in 1997. In this Lifetime Achievement award speech, Mr. Rogers encouraged everyone to spend 10 seconds thinking of others who loved us into being who we are. The video is less than 4 minutes in length – if you watch it, close your eyes and think of those who loved you into your current role. The approach Mr. Rogers took with almost all topics was action-oriented, love-focused and genuine. What a gift.***

A nod to Pastor Peter for prompting today’s post in the aftermath of his 7/23/17 sermon mentioning the Emmy speech. Along with that sermon, the Vacation Bible School (VBS) kids really added energy to MWPC’s Sanctuary with their singing and discussions about the week. They shared this 2017 VBS motto:

  • do good
  • seek peace
  • go after it

May we follow this motto today and in the days ahead (with a nod to Mister Rogers…)

Enjoy the day, filled with the Spirit!

Lectionary Texts for this Sunday, July 30, 2017:

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*** Amazingly, the book The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers, was just put back in the “keep” pile in the past few weeks… One quote that jumps out today from that book:

“One woman even remarked to her husband upon meeting Fred for the first time, ‘I think I just had a religious experience.’ He had the unique, transforming presence: Mother Teresa in a cardigan.” ~ The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers, p. 20