“Faith Fridays” – concluding remarks…

“Faith Fridays” in October have illuminated 4 faith definitions/commentary from Marcus Borg’s book Heart of Christianity: mental assent, commitment, buoyancy and seeing ‘what is.’

On the relational beliefs he says

“Seeing, living, trusting and centering are all related in complex ways. They are all matters of the heart, and not primarily of the head. And in our deaths, dying means trusting in the buoyancy of God, that the one who has carried us in this life is the one into whom we die.”

~ Marcus Borg in Heart of Christianity, p. 37

In his book, Borg shares the head and heart approaches to belief in wonderful ways. May this help us all as we continue our belief journeys!

In the context of all this belief commentary and thinking, this quote showed itself and seemed worth sharing here

“What would become of us if we did not obstinately cling to hope, and if our minds did not hasten along the paths lit up for us by God’s Word and Spirit right through the darkness, beyond this world?” ~ John Calvin as quoted in At the End, the Beginning, p. 90

Calvin’s quote could take us clinging to a life preserver – buoyancy. To life-giving lightness. To obstinate commitment. To minds hastening to understand.

May our hope be as “faith on tiptoe.” (attributed to C. F. D. Moule)

Enjoy the day, filled with the Spirit!

ACTIVITY: Did one type of belief resonate more than another? Care to share thoughts with the CP community? If so, email salong_now@yahoo.com…

NOTE: these quotes and comments are ‘just a shaving of taste from the major fruit’ that Borg shares in the book. If you’d like more on this, please consider buying the book… 🙂

This focus on the book The Heart of Christianity is inspired by our friend, Dean, one of the “hole-in-the-wall gang” (leftmost in picture)

Lectionary Texts for Sunday, November 3, 2019:

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