Don’t Let Nobody Rob You of Your Joy…

Krista Tippett discusses “How can we stay present to what’s happening in the world without giving in to despair and hopelessness?” in this 9 minute segment (HERE). She mentions a regular practice of partaking of the news and at the same time limiting her exposure so the 24 hour news cycle doesn’t occupy her full-time. She also discusses embodying joy-filled and hope-filled practices as a way to balance the sobering news.

So taking a pause is important. Maybe we Christians could go so far as to say that the Spirit automatically equips us with joyful opportunities if only we’ll engage it? Those moments of silent contemplation can go a long way to helping…


  • Spend some moments of silent contemplation, allowing the Spirit to stir within you all the more
  • Listen to Paul Thorn singing Don’t Let Nobody Rob You of Your Joy. One line is “let the light of love shine in.” [Great lyrics, Paul, and a wonderful message!!!]

Enjoy the day, filled with the Spirit!



Lectionary Texts for Sunday, August 23, 2020

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