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This past week CAC did a nice series on Contemplative Activists. Fannie Lou Hamer was the focus on one day, including this commentary (FULL POST HERE):

[Fannie Lou Hamer is] a contemplative exemplar because of her spiritual focus and resolve. Her practices spoke to the depth of her contemplative spirit. In the face of catastrophic suffering, Hamer worked, loved, sang, and resisted the powers that be. She was jailed, beaten, and hunted by the enforcers of the social order after registering to vote.

This description of “rest” from the CAC post, in the context of Fannie Lou’s life, is compelling:

According to her friend Virginia Gray Adams, “her back hurt and her spirit waged war without proper food or medicine. So when the movement came, there was rest”—not the rest that pervades the lives of most contemplatives [or what many imagine of monks and mystics], but rest nonetheless. Rest as you tell Congress to let your people go. Rest as you testify and lead a delegation off the floor of the Democratic Convention.

In the U.S. today there will be a number of Strike for Black Lives events. May all feel rested when in the state of activity, whatever non-violent efforts those strikes may involve (opportunities HERE)

Enjoy the day, filled with the Spirit!

P.S. In case you’re interested, this commentary from Pastor Roger Green’s sermon seems a perfect complement to our focus on Fannie Lou Hamer

Contemplative Activists



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