Colour My World (or my Bible?)

Last year, my friend Toni P. was mentioning an area of new interest. I asked if she would do a ‘guest post’ for the Christian Playbook and she said YES!

We’re re-posting it again, a year later, since we have several new CP “subscribers” plus it’s a nice reminder… (many thanks, Toni!)

My crafting journey has recently led me to a small movement called “Bible journaling.” Though I have no doubt that people have been journaling about the Bible for ages, this reference is to a specific method of lettering and coloring in the margins. In fact, there are editions of the Bible specifically designed for this.

If this sounds appealing or interesting, just do an online search or check Pinterest. What I have found works for me is to combine this with my morning devotion, usually beginning with “The Upper Room.” After I read the passage and the story, I focus on a portion that speaks to me on that day. Then I letter and color in the margin. If a verse is particularly inspirational, I commit it to memory and silently recite it through the day. Sometimes, I use this same process with verses found in other ways–through reading, Bible study or beloved by those close to me.

I would like to mention the blogger and online teacher, Sandy Allnock, who first brought this to my attention. I am personally using and loving the “Inspire” Bible, which happens to be NLT. This translation was new to me, but another part of my study has been to compare it to my more familiar NRSV.  

Toni, thanks for the tip and a new way to consider reading devotionals and thinking about Biblical passages!

For those wanting quick links on Bible journaling to review, consider …


Enjoy the bright colors of the day, filled with the Spirit!

Lectionary Texts for this Sunday, April 30, 2017:

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