Christ as a Light (Penlight, Searchlight, …)

In this “Searchlights and Penlights” UCC devotional, Martin Copenhaver quotes Sister Helen Prejean:

“I’m always asking God for a searchlight.  But, instead, God gives me a penlight.”

Copenhaver goes on to say that he’s learning to walk by penlight. My guess is that a lot of us can relate to that thinking.

How do we allow more illumination in our lives? Maybe one answer is included in the song  “Christ as a Light” (Prayer of St. Patrick,) performed in this link by John Michael Talbot. Hearing or singing this song provides peace, especially conceiving of the omnipresence…

ACTION: Finding time to brighten/focus the penlight and allow the possibility for more searchlight opportunities is valuable, especially since brightening the path helps during light and dark times.

  • Spend a few minutes in silence, allowing yourself to bask in the light.
  • Consider using Copenhaver’s prayer as a breath prayer today: “God, if I can’t have the searchlight, show me how to walk by penlight.”

May we allow ourselves to be surrounded by the light of God, illuminated and illuminating…

Lectionary Texts for this Sunday, October 15, 2017:

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