Celebrating Positive Female Role Models (Happy FeRoMo Day!)

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hmmm… while appreciating the concept, maybe this day can celebrate women who are wonderful examples to our world, whether they’ve given birth to children or not.

So… maybe this year we go with “Happy FeRoMo** Day!” to all the women who have been critical to a wonderful life?

My life blessings include a multitude of positive female role models – certainly my mom, who has been an inspiration in many ways; my wife; sister; aunts; cousins; female in-laws; gramas and other female family members. The blessings of female role models continue with teachers, ministers, work colleagues and friends. WOW – thank you ladies!

FeRoMo Day 2020 is a great time to remember these many special women in our lives. The Helen Steiner Rice poem HERE captures nice thoughts about the special women who care for us – – our mothers and/or other caring women in our lives!

ACTION: Maybe today you will forward this email, the Helen Steiner Rice poem and/or ??? to special women in your life?

PRAYER: God, we marvel at the gift of life. Our prayers of thanksgiving rise to you for the many women who have been instrumental in shaping our lives. Empower us to make this day refreshing and special for all women who are role models in our world!  Amen.

Enjoy the day, filled with the Spirit!


** FeRoMo (Female Role Model) 



  • For People Critically Ill, or Facing Great Uncertainty – from New Zealand Prayer Book (bottom of first page shown HERE)
  • Celtic Daily Prayer
  • CP Prayer Page – containing LOADS of possibilities…

Lectionary Texts for Sunday, May 10, 2020:

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