What Might a Prophet Look Like?

The website SimpleLivingWorks looks interesting…they have lots of resources plus articles like this one on “What Might a Prophet Look Like?” That article includes the comment “Although lifestyle ministry is largely prophetic – urging and equipping people of faith to walk their talk – it focuses on two of the five Life Standards** of “Living More with Less” – “Do Justice” (#1) and “Non-conform Freely” (#5).” The author then shares 9 activities she/he is performing in support of these two Life Standards.

Reading such articles and summaries makes one pause and consider how as Christians we live a lifestyle that promotes justice. There are many actions possible. May the Spirit move each of us to show love with new and “more just” actions this week!

Enjoy the day, filled with the Spirit!

** While I haven’t heard of the Five Life Standards, this Jubilee Economics website post suggests…

“The Five Life Standards, the essence of voluntary simplicity, are detailed in Doris Janzen Longacre’s book, Living More with Less (now available in a 30th Anniversary edition):

  • Do Justice
  • Learn from the World Community
  • Nurture People, Not Things
  • Celebrate Responsibly
  • Nonconform Freely”

Lectionary Texts for this Sunday, February 11, 2018:

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