Unspoken privilege of being white…

The unspoken privilege of being white. CAC’s posting HERE focuses on Richard Rohr’s perspective. This section might strike you the way it did me when thinking about this topic:

I would have never seen my own white privilege if I had not been forced outside of my dominant white culture by travel, by working in the jail, by hearing stories from counselees and, frankly, by making a complete fool of myself in so many social settings—most of which I had the freedom to avoid! 

It’s so easy to stay in our comfort zones, isn’t it? Whether white privilege or some other/additional privilege we enjoy, getting out of the comfort zone (while staying reasonably safe) is an opportunity for growth in spite of the uncomfortable ramifications of increased understanding and the stirring for more action.


  • Please read the CAC full posting (linked above and also HERE )
  • For those who aren’t already doing so, how can you force yourself outside of your dominant white culture (or other comfort zone privilege) this week?

PRAYER: Creator God, strengthen us for the day ahead. Help us use the examples of Jesus, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr. and so many other spiritual guides to move us to an “outside the comfort zone,”  loving experience with neighbors all around the world, no exceptions! Amen.

Enjoy the day, filled with the Spirit!



Lectionary Texts for Sunday, June 7, 2020:

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