Let not your heart be troubled this Tuesday

God, we dwell with you, generations before and generations to come. We flourish, rejoicing with you, seeking your favor. Then like the flowers once in full bloom, we fade, turning back to dust. Make us glad for all our days, sharing your love and joy with all we meet! [Christian Playbook adaptation of Psalm 90 selections]

This Psalm (90) shares thoughts about life and death – our days pass like a watch in the night, grass renewed, swept away, dust… The Psalmist sure has a way of providing imagery to both empower us and help us recognize the smallness of our seemingly massive troubles in God’s context.

ACTION: Click HERE to go to the Audio Daily Prayer link and listen to Tuesday’s prayer. Think of someone in your circle of witnesses whose loved one has recently passed from this mortal world and share a prayer of peace and support for them…

Enjoy the day, filled with the Spirit!

Lectionary Texts for this Sunday, October 29, 2017:

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