Sitting in the mud puddle…

The devotional, A Friend’s Comfort, really hits home. Deciding to sit down in a mud puddle to join a person who has fallen in there is a wonderful image. Following that up with the Biblical story of Job’s friends fits so well. In that set of passages, they sit with Job but don’t open their mouths.

Sometimes it’s our actions of “just being” that can help those who are hurting. No words ever need be spoken. Thanks, Our Daily Bread***, for this wonderful reminder.

POTENTIAL ACTION(S): Think of someone you will likely see today who needs comfort. Decide how you can “just be” with that person – arranging time to sit together, a hug, a consoling touch on the shoulder or ???

PRAYER: Dear God, We are so quick to speak. Help us to squelch that urge this day, and instead offer our presence to others, without necessarily saying a word. Amen

Enjoy the day, filled with the Spirit!

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No words need be spoken….



Lectionary Texts for Sunday, July 5, 2020:

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