“The Secret” by Ralph Spaulding Cushman

Wow. Paraphrasing a friend…I’ve heard of coincidences but I have yet to see one.

Yesterday I spent just a minute thumbing through A Pocket Prayer Book given to my dad by his pastor, Rev. E. Lester Stanton (a gift in the early 1950s when the Thirteenth Printing was completed, probably when my dad was in college, or contemplating it.) The way he talked about E. Lester Stanton made it clear that he was a mentor to my dad. Our dad taught us a great deal about faith (more with his actions than his words in my case.) So…to read “The Secret” as a pass-along from those Gresham United Methodist Church days is really special.

“The Secret” by Ralph Spaulding Cushman (1879-1960) certainly supports the notion of the Christian Playbook and you can read it HERE