Silver Linings Amidst the Dark Clouds

Specific to COVID-19 Times (3/2020 – ???)

  • Half Full comic HERE by Maria Scrivan captures several visually
  • Zooming with family/friends while watching sporting events together – great to do once you “synch up” the DVR to anyone watching live (and delays associated with different market area broadcasts!)
  • Innovative musical contributions are Silver Linings from online service efforts due to the dark clouds of COVID-19. Check out this “trombone quartet” version (HERE) of It Is Well With My Soul, done by Kirk Kolenbrander. Well done, Kirk!
  • Zoomin’ session with Peace Corps friends, one of whom hadn’t been in contact with for about 25 years. Really nice to be with him again.

  • VIDEO (4 minutes): Sunday School story about Faithfulness, including how residents at New England Club, a senior living facility, continued worshiping together during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • In a series of phone conversations, two friends have spent cherished time chatting on any number of topics. One wonderful result was a Christian Playbook article and webpage HERE focusing on beautiful music in the midst of the Korean Conflict
  • Mt. Washington is a community on the east-side of Cincinnati, Ohio. COVID-19 prompted formation of the Mt. Washington Family Resource Team, with this group devoting substantial energy to alleviating childhood hunger. Composed of members from Cincinnati Public Schools staff, churches, non-profit organizations and community groups, this team actively uses creativity, selflessness, collaboration and more to provide significant blessings for our guests (and for us.) As one person said: “This team is certainly my favorite thing that has come out of Covid.” A colleague quickly agreed. Altruistic egoism appears again: in giving, we get so much in return…***

     *** you can see more about these efforts HERE in this CBS National News story

“On The Road” with Steve Hartman stories (link HERE) usually bring joy in 2-3 minutes of viewing. Some particularly noteworthy ones:   


  • The song Blessings (listen HERE) shares a wonderful message – “what if trials of this life are your mercies in disguise?”
  • HOME Cookin’ for the Holidays on 11/27 – music and cooking benefit for musicians
  • Modern Doxology – by Ed Metzger of BG FUM church (Song HERE and explanation HERE)
  • The Show Must Go On(line) – HERE are some musicians making good use of technology to perform in the midst of COVID-19

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