In-Stitches: House of Peace (HoPe)

Several years ago, MWPC heard of a women’s shelter in Batavia called the House of Peace (HoPe,) which provides emergency shelter for women (and children) who are leaving abusive living situations.  In Stitches joined a list of fellowship groups who carry the makings for a monthly group meal for staff and residents.  HoPe’s location is secret by design – we carry meals into the church and leave them for the drivers to carry.

In Stitches began its support by making meals in January and July every year.  Over time, we added the following for residents to take away to their new homes:

  • Hand knit washcloths
  • Handmade greeting cards
  • Hand sewn tote bags for carrying clothes – originally for the kids, then expanded for the moms who often stuff belongings into trash bags or pillowcases as they escape
  • Kroger gift cards – purchased from the proceeds of our sales at the annual Alternative Gift Fair (in 2017, our proceeds were $250)
  • Individual members of In Stitches have expanded the outreach – Toni talked to her neighborhood book club and those women purchased and donated trunkloads of toiletries in 2016; this year they are focusing on books for kids.
  • Board games and magazines have been gathered and donated by Cindy.