CareBag – for visiting others

Construction workers have toolboxes, doctors have medical bags, so why shouldn’t Christian visitors/connectors carry “CareBags?”

As a visitor/connector with others in our Christian communities, it’s critical to listen. Sometimes to “break the ice” it may helpful to bring a few “connection tools?” Items in the Christian Playbook “CareBag”*** might include:

  • Listing of some Visitor Helpful Hints
  • Bulletin from recent worship service (LARGE print if you can)
  • God’s Survival Kit – an inexpensive, sweet discussion-starter intended to be left behind (unless sweets should be avoided!)
  • 2-3 prayers on a laminated sheet for easy access
  • Carefully chosen readings printed, ideally in LARGE, bolded font: Lord’s Prayer, 23rd Psalm, … (possibly on a laminated sheet?)
  • Book of Common Worship or other handy prayer reference, (service for wellness supplement too?)
  • Someone Cares or a similar book with beautiful poetry
  • Printed copy of the church newsletter from a recent week
  • Pocket Prayer Shawl
  • Full-sized prayer shawl
  • Peace & Healing Bible Readings CD (re-record audio from this link if you like) and CD player (for those who don’t have one)
  • Small foldable picture frame for them to put up in their room (IF THEY ARE NOT CURRENTLY IN THEIR OWN HOME)
  • Calling card with the church phone number to leave with them [and handwrite your name & phone number on too 🙂  ]
  • Guitar and sing-along songbooks, in case folks want to sing/hear a few tunes (it can be good therapy for all – some occupational therapists even give “extra credit” for patients who do it!)