Bullhorn Serenade Squad (caroling)

Most years we crowd together for Joyful Noise Boys events and for caroling (Christmas songs and secular tunes too) and enjoy lots of time in close proximity. That wouldn’t be prudent this COVID-19 Winter. So we’re adapting in 2020/2021:

  • Singers will only participate if feeling fully healthy PLUS no direct, recent (nothing in past 2 weeks) contact with COVID-19
  • We will have smaller groups (we have 4 bullhorns, so each person with a bullhorn and/or a few household members trading off periodically with a single bullhorn!)
  • Singers will be masked – even while singing. Singers will sing quieter to reduce the possibility of germs spreading (letting the bullhorn increase the volume)
  • Singers will plan to stay at least 10-12 feet apart where possible
  • We request “song recipients” to please stay indoors for your comfort and safety and for our singers. If you can’t hear us effectively, give us a signal – we can always boost the volume! 🙂 
  • We will sing some songs and spread greetings, ordinarily lingering 3-10 minutes so we don’t over-stay our welcome

NEC; Rei.; Buch; He/Mc; Hsckl gals; Ger; Pyl;