Prayer Vigil

Among efforts to consider include…

  • Create sign up sheets
    • usually done every half hour
    • usually 12 hours (from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. for instance)
    • people can sign up for as many times as they want
    • allow for a maximum number of people per time period?
  • Assure there are several announcements about the event, the importance of corporate prayer and the power it can unleash in a church
  • Put a big piece of poster paper up so people can write their prayer requests on it relating to the vigil topic (Strength for leadership, Finances, Strategic Plan, Illness, etc.)
  • Have slips of paper that people can write their requests on so it is more private (no need to give your name)
  • The day of the vigil…
    • have several locations in the church building available with comfortable chairs
    • have prayer requests received on the poster paper and slips of paper available
    • have books on prayer available for perusing prior to their prayer time
    • include a hymnal at each location
    • have printed verses about prayer that people can meditate if they wish
    • If praying for individuals or groups, consider pictures that represent them
  • Volunteers can pray for the list or slips of paper but they didn’t have to.
  • Allow for vigil participants to write about their responses after the experience, possibly including some of these in a church newsletter article or webpage post

NOTE:  many thanks to Janet G. (member of Zion Lutheran in Anderson Township) for much of the thinking on this based on their church’s experiences!