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  1. Some of these suggestions seem so easy to do so I’ll try to consciously include them in my day. Thanks for your messages on a regular basis!

  2. There are so many wonderful lines in this prayer. I can hear LP saying: “We thank you for those special people whose embrace, friendship, and accepting eyes ease our burdens and heighten our joys.”

    That “exuberant melody” of the birds comment makes me smile while listening to the birds outside my window.

    And this ending commentary is so meaningful: “seeing our brokenness borne by and entombed with Jesus, which will prepare us to hear anew the almost unimaginable proclamation that the tomb is empty, Jesus is risen, and life and love prevail.”

    Thanks LP, for your ministry that endures in hearts and minds (and in print, on the internet…)

  3. Steve,
    On Day 4, I am Thankful for YOU and for your Christian Playbook. I practice Gratitude everyday. Thank you! Norrie

  4. Silence. Making space and time for it is difficult for me and this week was no different in that respect. My “to do” list for this upcoming week will include 20 minutes of silent time (with a pad of paper and pencil beside me to jot quick thoughts so I can silence my mind again afterwards!)

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