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I’ve always felt a bit of a “Purposes kindred spirit” relationship with Rick Warren. After all, a few years before Rick published Purpose Driven Life (PDL,) my buddy Lee and I developed and presented “Purposes For Life” workshops with lots of themes consistent with PDL. When my brother, Thad, mentioned he likes Rick’s daily devotional posting, it seemed worth a try and I’m glad I have (thanks Thad!)

In an email post from 2016, Rick talks about the importance of journaling the key lessons in our Christian experience. This is of particular value when in wilderness times…

“Some of you are in the wilderness right now. Remember this: The way to the Promised Land is through the wilderness. You’ve got to go through that waiting period. You’ve got to go through that desert. You’ve got to go through that dry spell.” 

~ Rick Warren in Small Lessons Lead to Big Successes post

That commentary is consistent with the concept of “fallow time” that Bill Bridges discusses in the book Transitions. In order to have a proper ending and a positive new beginning, we must go through the wilderness/fallow time. The lessons we learn about ourselves during such times are substantial, and it’s worth writing down your “aha” moments.

POSSIBLE ACTION: Know someone going through such a wilderness right now, especially during this pandemic? If so, consider forwarding this email and/or Rick’s post along with a little encouragement? With prayer, encouragement and love (plus a little journaling?), we’ll all make it to the promised land!

May you have a wonderful day, filled with the Spirit!

P.S. this one bears repeating – it was originally posted in January, 2016…



  • For People Critically Ill, or Facing Great Uncertainty – from New Zealand Prayer Book (bottom of first page shown HERE)
  • Celtic Daily Prayer
  • CP Prayer Page – containing LOADS of possibilities…

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