MWPC Prayer Corner

It’s great to have you “in God’s corner.” Please take time to pray for the people and situations listed below.


  • Do you believe in miracles? During our “Power of Prayer” gatherings, many MWPC members expressed that they were praying for a miracle. Well…Pastor Emeritus, Rev. Dr. LP Jones, in his June 2015 CarePages post shares what many of us viewed as miraculous: the brain tumors vanished for a while! Sadly – as expected – new tumors have been spotted in the September brain scans. Prayers of strength and support continue for L.P.; his bride, Nancy, and their entire network of family and friends as we journey the medical treatment experience together; [CarePage link is HERE]
  • Wisdom and guidance for the MWPC Session, Care Ministry-Board of Deacons, Nominating Committee, search teams (interim Associate Pastor; and Young Adult / Youth Director), Ministry Teams and all MWPC members and friends as our church continues to be a THRIVING, positive beacon in Cincinnati and in the world;


  • Prayers for wisdom, sense of humor and support for so many congregation families with parents/spouses/siblings dealing with aging/dementia/Alzheimer’s impacts
  • For families experiencing loss
  • Speedy healing and pain-free results from treatments to minimize/eliminate headaches
  • Prayers of support and strength for many families dealing with cancer (prostate, breast, skin, …) and other medical challenges
  • Joys at successful cancer treatment for so many in our community
  • Youth/adults facing challenges of alcoholism, drugs, depression, eating disorders, sexuality, relationships, job search, health care, travel, academic challenges, career decisions and other issues
  • Those grieving the deaths of loved ones — prayers of strength and support during this time of loss
  • For deployed military personnel
  • Those looking for employment that is fulfilling. [JSFG is a great place in the Cincinnati area to start for those in job search mode]
  • Those in jails facing uncertain futures and days without loving family members – prayers of strength and support for them and their families (for specific prayer requests, see the latest jail ministry worship requests here)
  • Our worship community at NEC and all of their joys and concerns (if you would like to make specific prayers, see the requests here made at recent NEC worship services)

Supplication for those who hunger…
… and thanksgiving for those contributing to our hunger ministries with time, energy, money, food and gardening

Supplication for those who thirst…
… and thanksgiving for those contributing to our celebration, learning and caring ministries

Support, wisdom and strength for MWPC church lay leadership and staff as we continue plowing the ground to sow seeds for abundant yields

Strength for the one in our community most in need of prayer right now

And remember…

Friends, life is short, and there is precious little time to gladden the hearts of those who travel with us. So make haste to be kind, and be quick to love, confident that in every act of love and kindness, the God who first formed us, re-forms us and transforms us again and again, now and forever. And for that blessing certainly all of God’s people say…Amen.

May God “shower you with blessings”, this day and always..


In his sermon of 7/13/14, Rev. Dr. LP Jones mentioned this devotional site from the Presbyterian Church (USA)

If you’re seeking additional prayer resources, check out one of several books on prayer in the MWPC Church Library.

If you have specific prayer concerns, please email them to or call 513.330.8503 and leave a message there. Requests must be made with the agreement of the person/people included in the prayer. If you have questions or concerns, please email or contact the church office

Prayer is putting oneself under God’s influence. – Harry Emerson Fosdick, pastor