How Great Thou Art!

Wow – just listened to this version of How Great Thou Art as a starter to the morning. Jennifer Hudson and Pentatonix do an inspiring rendition.

If you can, take a walk in nature today. Focus on the plants and critters. Maybe even a spider spinning a web?

Thank God for the creation of this wonderful world, even in the midst of this pandemic. Our God, how great Thou art!!!

PRAYER: Loving, caring Creator – calm us on this day. Move through us with reminders of your love, experienced in many ways, including the wonderful, plants, animals and humans all around us. We are your thankful and hopeful people… Allellujah. Amen

May the Spirit move through you vibrantly during this Easter Octave!

P.S. Have you taken time with Celtic Daily Prayer? If you enjoyed that time, consider purchase of their CD – the music enhances the experience substantially, including our opportunity to sing these fabulous words [available on itunes HERE. CP gains no benefit from your purchase, except knowing your joy from the enhancement 🙂 ]



  • For People Critically Ill, or Facing Great Uncertainty – from New Zealand Prayer Book (bottom of first page shown HERE)
  • Celtic Daily Prayer
  • CP Prayer Page – containing LOADS of possibilities…

Lectionary Texts for Sunday, April 19, 2020:

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