Christian Playbook – Prayers

Make time for prayer throughout your dayPraying hands

      • Add a task entitled “Pray” to your to-do list. Then do it, but never cross it off 🙂
      • Set a daily alarm on your phone that reminds you to pray
      • Send yourself a daily email as a reminder for prayer (Guideposts and The Upper Room provide a daily email, for instance)
      • Pray at regular times
        • Before your feet hit the floor in the morning and before they leave the floor at night
        • Before each meal
        • When you get behind the wheel of the car [just don’t shut your eyes while driving! 🙂 ]
        • Pair Prayer examples
      • Use daily themes (Sunday – saints, Monday – mission, Tuesday – troubled, Wednesday – world, Thursday – thanksgiving, Friday – friends/family, Saturday – self)
      • Listen to the Daily Prayer Audio, a guided 4-7 minute prayer developed by Steve Long using a theme for each day of the week

Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in prayer. (Romans 12:12)

Daily prayers will diminish your cares. – Author Unknown