…break, blow, burn…

” o’erthrow me, and bend Your force, to break, blow, burn, and make me new

~ John Donne, Sonnet XIV

Donne describes influences of the Spirit and the human condition in the full sonnet (click HERE.) One beauty of reading such prose is the recognition that someone else filled with faith also experiences similar feelings to our own! Read the passion of his interest in separating from evil ways. Ever feel that yourself?

PRAYER: O God, help us to come to love you in such substantial ways that we can separate from those actions which are not bringing us and others closer to you… Amen

May the Spirit move through you vibrantly during this Easter season!



  • For People Critically Ill, or Facing Great Uncertainty – from New Zealand Prayer Book (bottom of first page shown HERE)
  • Celtic Daily Prayer
  • CP Prayer Page – containing LOADS of possibilities…

Lectionary Texts for Sunday, May 3, 2020:

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