Advent Bags – MWPC 2020


A variety of items were purchased for use in the Advent Bags. They were assembled by an effective team composed mostly of Deacons … 


Thank you for putting the Advent bag on our door. We appreciated the goodies and the Church Directory. We are staying home except for Kroger pickup and a few essential trips. So far, so good.


I have completed my Advent Bag deliveries, and all recipients I was able to connect with were delighted and grateful. It was particularly satisfying for them (and me) to have face-to-face conversations, whether it was three minutes or 45 minutes.

My thanks to you both for all your planning, preparation, and execution of this project. I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated.

Loved this idea – thanks to all who were involved in the many details of the project! My folks all seemed delighted to receive their holiday bags – I did have the opportunity to visit a bit w/ all my recipients, which I thoroughly enjoyed. …

Hope this project is repeated again next year!