Praying For Muslims – from Book of Common Worship

A friend recently asked how we identify subjects for Christian Playbook posts. The fact is, the Spirit frequently moves in mysterious ways…  🙂

Today is such an example. While on the journey to another prayer, this one #58 “For Muslims” from the Book of Common Worship (HERE) jumped from the page. It seems mighty appropriate given what’s going on with U.S. immigration at the moment:

# 58
For Muslims
Eternal God,
you are the one God to be worshiped by all,
the one called Allah by your Muslim children,
descendants of Abraham as we are.
Give us grace to hear your truth
in the teachings of Mohammed, the prophet,
and to show your love as disciples of Jesus Christ,
that Christians and Muslims together
may serve you in faith and friendship.

What are the ways that you can show friendship and love to those of a different faith today?

If you’re looking for a resource showing lots of parallels between Islam and Christianity, consider checking out Spiritual Gems of Islam.

Enjoy the day, filled with the Spirit!

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Lectionary Texts for Sunday, February 5, 2017:

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